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Putt-4-Dough Leads South
Submitted on April 10, 2011, 9:31 pm by Jim Greenwell

Putt-4-Dough got a huge win over the Hookers this week, putting them in first place, all alone, in the South division. P4D had all 4 make the cut and easily hung on to win as the Hookers had two miss the cut.

Pin High continues to lead in the North thanks to their win over the Hackers. The Hackers had a "no show" and the Masters' champion on the bench. Pin High got one of those 'wins'....

The Frogs got terrible play from the world's number 1 player and Mickelson didn't nothing noteworthy in a tough loss to Drink. Drink's team wasn't stellar either, but had only one golfer miss the cut.

Drive-4-Show sweeps the skins in a huge win over Tee-It-Up. Since Shwartzel was on the bench, Scott's 12 under was enough to win a skin.

CHiP had an easy win over Hol-E-1. CHiP got great play from Couples and Choi while Hol-E-1 had a no show and two missed cuts.


Frogs Go Crazy
Submitted on April 4, 2011, 8:47 am by Jim Greenwell

The Slippery Frogs - wow! Mickelson is always capable of such a big weekend. But, the big news is the play of Kim and Howell III. If they play like that the rest of the year, we can all sit back and wait for week 25 when the Frogs play Pin High for the title. The Hackers had a great tournament, but not enought to overcome this Frogs' onslaught.

Speaking of Pin High, they continue to impress with another easy victory. This time against CHiP. CHiP had 2 miss the cut and no one under par.

Hol-E-1 had a nice weekend, finally winning a game in the 2011 campain. Scott Verplank was huge as was Baddeley.

The Hookers were very average over the weekend, with only 1 golfer under par. They had an easy win over Drive-4-Show, who had 3 miss the cut - ouch.

Putt-4-Dough continues their good season with a rock solid weekend. de Jonge is stgruggling a bit, but they are now 3-1 thanks to Tee-It-Up laying an egg with 3 missed cuts.

It is Masters week. Enjoy.


CHiP Finally Wins
Submitted on March 28, 2011, 12:46 pm by Jim Greenwell

Watch out now, CHiP has finally won and earned a skin in the process. CHiP took out Tee-It-Up with all 4 players making the cut AND shooting under par for the weekend - very solid.

In a survival weekend, Drive-4-Show hammered the Hackers with Laird winning a skin for D4S.

Pin high had all 4 make the cut, but no on under par. It was still plenty to beat Drink who had 2 miss the cut. Woodland was especially bad on Friday.

The Frogs took care of the previously undefeated Putt-4-Dough. P4D had 2 miss the cut while the Frogs got steady, if not spectacular play from Slocum and Mickelson.

The Hookers beat Hol-E-1, sendng HE1 to their 3 loss in as many tries in 2011.


Arnold's Tournament
Submitted on March 23, 2011, 10:15 pm by Jim Greenwell

A true "good guy" of golf. An ambassador and what appears to be a solid, moral, unselfish man and man of golf hosts this week's tournament.

It is actually a site to see as they replay some highlights from previous tournaments to see Palmer happily greet Woods after some of those wins. All the while people though Woods was some sort of super-human golfer, daddy and husband.

I don't expect Woods to win this week, but will be the reception from Palmer if he does? Here is my guess: A very classy congratulation as Palmer would never show any ill will and mar this tournament. Just a guess (and will probably not find out).

Anyway, this week's big story is the 2-0 teams as the battle to remain unbeaten.

First, Drink takes on Pin High. What a great game this will be. Two very solid starting 4. I give the edge to Pin High as I just think Woodland will come back down to earth on this very difficult course. Pin High by 5.

Tee-It-Up has a cross divisional game against CHiP. The key is Rose, as he faltered a little last week in clutch - can he regain form? I say yes and I expect Mark Wilson to struggle. Tee-It-Up by 18.

Putt-4-Dough is on a roll and ready to all comers. This week it is the Frogs. What is going on with Mickelson - not a single expert is picking him. You know what that means - that is right - look out! Mickelson has a great tourny and leads the Frogs to their first victory.

Drive-4-Show may have an easy time of it with the Hackers as the Hackers are still line-up less at this time. D4S by 48.

Hol-E-1 gets a sub par Hookers team. The Hookers had to go with 2nd run players as many of the better players on roster are sitting this one out. Hole-E-1 by 24.


Putt-4-Dough Rolls
Submitted on March 20, 2011, 9:48 pm by Jim Greenwell

Putt-4-Dough continues a hot start. Not only did they hammer CHiP, but narrowly missed a best team skin despite having a player miss the cut. If not de Jonge collapsing on back nine, they would have. CHiP just couldn't answer huge weekends from Snedeker and de Jonge for P4D.

Drink improves to 2-0 with a win over the Hackers. This one was not close as two players missed the cut for the Hackers. Drink has to be thrilled, however, with the hot play of Nick Watney.

Tee-It-Up also got to 2-0 by beating Pin High who also had two players miss the cut. Johnson and Byrd lead the way for TIU.

The Hookers won the best team skin because they wer the only team to have all four golfers make the cut. No great performances, just 4 good ones and it was enough to take out the Frogs.

Drive-4-Show got a good weekend from Laird and outlasted Hol-E-1.


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Submitted on 2011-04-10

On to week 6. The Masters was incredible.