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Putt-4-Dough Leads South
Submitted on April 10, 2011, 9:31 pm by Jim Greenwell

Putt-4-Dough got a huge win over the Hookers this week, putting them in first place, all alone, in the South division. P4D had all 4 make the cut and easily hung on to win as the Hookers had two miss the cut.

Pin High continues to lead in the North thanks to their win over the Hackers. The Hackers had a "no show" and the Masters' champion on the bench. Pin High got one of those 'wins'....

The Frogs got terrible play from the world's number 1 player and Mickelson didn't nothing noteworthy in a tough loss to Drink. Drink's team wasn't stellar either, but had only one golfer miss the cut.

Drive-4-Show sweeps the skins in a huge win over Tee-It-Up. Since Shwartzel was on the bench, Scott's 12 under was enough to win a skin.

CHiP had an easy win over Hol-E-1. CHiP got great play from Couples and Choi while Hol-E-1 had a no show and two missed cuts.


Frogs Go Crazy
Submitted on April 4, 2011, 8:47 am by Jim Greenwell

The Slippery Frogs - wow! Mickelson is always capable of such a big weekend. But, the big news is the play of Kim and Howell III. If they play like that the rest of the year, we can all sit back and wait for week 25 when the Frogs play Pin High for the title. The Hackers had a great tournament, but not enought to overcome this Frogs' onslaught.

Speaking of Pin High, they continue to impress with another easy victory. This time against CHiP. CHiP had 2 miss the cut and no one under par.

Hol-E-1 had a nice weekend, finally winning a game in the 2011 campain. Scott Verplank was huge as was Baddeley.

The Hookers were very average over the weekend, with only 1 golfer under par. They had an easy win over Drive-4-Show, who had 3 miss the cut - ouch.

Putt-4-Dough continues their good season with a rock solid weekend. de Jonge is stgruggling a bit, but they are now 3-1 thanks to Tee-It-Up laying an egg with 3 missed cuts.

It is Masters week. Enjoy.


CHiP Finally Wins
Submitted on March 28, 2011, 12:46 pm by Jim Greenwell

Watch out now, CHiP has finally won and earned a skin in the process. CHiP took out Tee-It-Up with all 4 players making the cut AND shooting under par for the weekend - very solid.

In a survival weekend, Drive-4-Show hammered the Hackers with Laird winning a skin for D4S.

Pin high had all 4 make the cut, but no on under par. It was still plenty to beat Drink who had 2 miss the cut. Woodland was especially bad on Friday.

The Frogs took care of the previously undefeated Putt-4-Dough. P4D had 2 miss the cut while the Frogs got steady, if not spectacular play from Slocum and Mickelson.

The Hookers beat Hol-E-1, sendng HE1 to their 3 loss in as many tries in 2011.


Arnold's Tournament
Submitted on March 23, 2011, 10:15 pm by Jim Greenwell

A true "good guy" of golf. An ambassador and what appears to be a solid, moral, unselfish man and man of golf hosts this week's tournament.

It is actually a site to see as they replay some highlights from previous tournaments to see Palmer happily greet Woods after some of those wins. All the while people though Woods was some sort of super-human golfer, daddy and husband.

I don't expect Woods to win this week, but will be the reception from Palmer if he does? Here is my guess: A very classy congratulation as Palmer would never show any ill will and mar this tournament. Just a guess (and will probably not find out).

Anyway, this week's big story is the 2-0 teams as the battle to remain unbeaten.

First, Drink takes on Pin High. What a great game this will be. Two very solid starting 4. I give the edge to Pin High as I just think Woodland will come back down to earth on this very difficult course. Pin High by 5.

Tee-It-Up has a cross divisional game against CHiP. The key is Rose, as he faltered a little last week in clutch - can he regain form? I say yes and I expect Mark Wilson to struggle. Tee-It-Up by 18.

Putt-4-Dough is on a roll and ready to all comers. This week it is the Frogs. What is going on with Mickelson - not a single expert is picking him. You know what that means - that is right - look out! Mickelson has a great tourny and leads the Frogs to their first victory.

Drive-4-Show may have an easy time of it with the Hackers as the Hackers are still line-up less at this time. D4S by 48.

Hol-E-1 gets a sub par Hookers team. The Hookers had to go with 2nd run players as many of the better players on roster are sitting this one out. Hole-E-1 by 24.


Putt-4-Dough Rolls
Submitted on March 20, 2011, 9:48 pm by Jim Greenwell

Putt-4-Dough continues a hot start. Not only did they hammer CHiP, but narrowly missed a best team skin despite having a player miss the cut. If not de Jonge collapsing on back nine, they would have. CHiP just couldn't answer huge weekends from Snedeker and de Jonge for P4D.

Drink improves to 2-0 with a win over the Hackers. This one was not close as two players missed the cut for the Hackers. Drink has to be thrilled, however, with the hot play of Nick Watney.

Tee-It-Up also got to 2-0 by beating Pin High who also had two players miss the cut. Johnson and Byrd lead the way for TIU.

The Hookers won the best team skin because they wer the only team to have all four golfers make the cut. No great performances, just 4 good ones and it was enough to take out the Frogs.

Drive-4-Show got a good weekend from Laird and outlasted Hol-E-1.


Week 2 is Important
Submitted on March 17, 2011, 8:05 am by Jim Greenwell

Week 2 is important, neigh, it is critical - crucial. No one wants to be 0-2, no one. So lets look at who will be 0-2 at teh end of the week.

One team sure to be 0-2 will be the Hookers. They had to add Toms for goodness sakes and taking on a powerful Frogs team. Look for Hoffman and Kaymer to be more than enough against a listless Toms and Garcia.

CHiP will be 0-2 as well. Not because they have a bad team, but because Putt-4-Dough is on a roll and will win this for no other reason that he wants to be rub every win he gets in our face, so look forward to that.

Hol-E-1 will be 0-2 on Monday after losing to Ricky Barnes and Justin Leonard this weekend. Not possible, you say? Well, watch and see. Drive-4-Show has this nack for winning these kinds of games.

That outcome of thos previous listed games will make Putt-4-Dough 2-0. Lets see who else will be 2-0 on Monday.

Pin High will beat Tee-It-Up, but it will not be easy. All 8 golfers make the cut and the all the skins will come from this game.

I'm sorry, but the Hackers are loaded and they will beat Drink, especially with Watney having the - i just won hang-over - this weekend. That will Make the Hackers 2-0.

Should be a fun golf tournament.


Pin High - WOW!
Submitted on March 13, 2011, 10:20 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, the Swami is off to a big start - looking quiet brilliant in his pick of Pin High for the Carl Cup. What a hammering they put on Hol-E-1 for the lesser known, LG&E Cup. Pin High was destined for the win, when Tim Clark pulls a DNS. Meanwhile, all four Pin High golfers went -7 or better - ouch!

In other games:

Putt-4-Dough uses his first pick to bring the heat and outlast Drive-4-Show. Putt-4-Dough got moster games from Dustin Johnson and Luke Donald. Poor D4S had the 4th best score of the week and still suffered a loss, those are hard to take.

The Hackers return to their winning ways (I swear, if they win this year, I'm not showing up to the draft next year). They beat CHiP who also had a DNS with Bubba Watson. It was never close.

Drink gets a big break when Crane pulls a DNS for the Hookers and gets a best golfer skin from Watney (a Hooker last year).

Tee-It-Up simply outlasts the Frogs as Kim and Lefty lay huge eggs. Kim was a risky pickup, but you expect better from Mickelson.


Predictions Part 2
Submitted on March 9, 2011, 10:51 pm by Jim Greenwell

Read the 2011 draft analysis in post below this one.

The predictions of the Swami:

Predicted order of finish by division.

North: Pin High, Drink, Hackers, Drive-4-Show, Tee-It-Up

South: CHiP, Hookers, Putt-4-Dough, Frogs, Hol-E-1

Carl Cup Champion: Pin High

This weeks winners: Pin High, Putt-4-Dough, Slippery Frogs, Hackers and Drink.


2011 Predictions
Submitted on March 9, 2011, 10:44 pm by Jim Greenwell

As we begin week 1, we should give the swami a chance to review the draft and give final predictions. First Draft Analysis

CHiP: Long gone are the days of a Vijay dominated team. This team is now long on talent with a good spread of players for a range of tournaments. How will Levin hold up? Will Casey be a force? Will Wilson continue his hot play? Can Choi be a spark in majors as usual? All good questions. This team is very balanced and should have a good season. Draft score: B.

Drive-4-Show: The defending champion held on to Stricker, but drafted Scott who was a complete disaster area. If Scott can return to form, look out. There are plenty of names on here, but most are either fading (Love, Leonard, Scott) or unproven (Vegas, Barnes). Draft score: C-.

Hol-E-1: Drafting through Skype had to be hard, but ended up with a solid team (Clark, Badeley, Poulter). There were some mystery picks too (Kirk, Henry). Appleby may be the key, can he play as he is capable. Draft score: C.

Pin High: Young studs (Mahan, McIlroy, Marino, Fowler, Taylor). This team is primed for a huge year if any of these guys really take off. They should b e ankered by Cink perfectly with a good 3rd tier in Marino, Wi and Streelman. Draft Score: A.

Slippery Frogs: Mickelson is the anchor for sure, but the Frogs may have depended too much on some slipping players - Kim, Weir, Howell III. There are some good names here - Hoffman, Slocum and Kaymer. If the veterans return to form, look out. Draft Score: C.

Drink: Big name foreigners - McDowell, Molinari to go with Americans Watney and Furyk. Is Furyk done? Can Kelly, Day and Couch carry the lesser tourneys. The names on the list just aren't impressive and is not set up well for the big tournaments. Draft Score: C-.

Hackers: This team is loaded, absolutely loaded. There is only one name that is not recognized, there are 8 players in the top 51 in the world. But, will they play the lesser tourneys. Harrington, Else, Goosen, Kuchar - ouch! Too top heavy - probably. Draft Score: B+.

Hookers: This team will go as Tiger does. The Hookers tried to find some new young talent to go with some solid balance. Karlsson has committed to the PGA tour which could be huge. Sabbatin, Crane, Van Pelt must continue stellar play. Draft Score: C+.

Putt-4-Dough: Great balance and good talent top to bottom if not over loaded. Villegas, Donal, Sendeker, Johnson with up and comers Holmes and de Jonge could be very, very solid. Anchored by Westwood in the majors makes them dangerous. Draft Score B-.

Tee-It-Up: This roster is much like Drive-4-Show's in that it is balanced and has plenty of good players, but nothing terribly strong. There are good players Rose, Trahan and Ogilvy. Can Johnson continue to produce? Simpson, Molder and Overton can be mysteries. Draft Score: C-.


2011 Season to Tee Off
Submitted on March 7, 2011, 10:15 pm by Jim Greenwell

The draft is over and we are ready to go - the season starts this week - get the line-ups in.


Draft Set
Submitted on February 21, 2011, 9:22 pm by Jim Greenwell

The 2011 Draft Order has been set. Draft is 7:00pm, Monday, March 7 - at draft central!

Here is the 2011 Draft order.

1. Putt-4-Dough
2. Slipper Frogs
3. Tee-It-Up
4. Drink
5. Pin High
6. Hookers
7. Hol-E-1
8. Hackers
9. CHiP
10. Drive-4-Show

Finances information to come later this week. See you on the 7th.


Drive-4-Show is Champion
Submitted on September 12, 2010, 9:43 pm by Jim Greenwell

Drive-4-Show has won the 2010 Carl Cup championship. In a final match that really never was close, D4S just simply outlasted the Hookers.

D4S used Steve - Mr. September - Stricker to keep the Hookers down. D4S has now won 6 in a row. What a great run. D4S was one loss from missing the tournament for 3 weeks, never lost and then finished the run in the playoffs.

The Hookers best player was Woods and he was not good enough, but like the rest of the team.

Drive-4-Show is champion, congratulations!


Hackers and CHiP Upset
Submitted on September 6, 2010, 6:40 pm by Jim Greenwell

Both division champions were upset in the semi-finals this weekend.

First, in the North, the Hackers fell to red-hot Drive-4-Show. D4S now has a 5 game winning streak. D4S now has 12 total wins and 4 of them have been against the Hackers.

In the South, CHiP lost to the very lucky Hookers despite having more players make the cut over the weekend. The Hookers were aided by a huge weekend from Jason Day and a 3 under by Woods on his last 4 holes. This win by the Hookers was the first one in 4 tries against CHiP this season.

So, it is the Hookers vs. Drive-4-Show for the Carl Cup.

Oh yeah, Putt-4-Dough smashed Tee-It-Up and won the Toilet Bowl tourney.


Hookers, Drive-4-Show Advance
Submitted on August 29, 2010, 9:45 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hookers won a tie-breaker over Pin High, overcoming a for shot Sunday morning deficit. The tiebreaker went like this: Hookers $205,159.09 and Pin High had $177,600 for a differential of $27,559.09 giving the Hookers the win.

Pin High and the Hookers both had 3 players make the cut and it was a very close battle throughout the weekend. In the end, by the virtue of Woods earning $157,500 on his own for his 12th place finish, the Hookers move on to face CHiP.

Drive-4-Show just hammered, throttled, beat-down - call it what you like, it was a massacre. Drive-4-Show had a huge game and it was coupled with Hol-E-1 having all 4 players miss the cut. D4S would have been tough to beat even if HE1 had all four make it.

This was a smack-down of WWE proportions. D4S advances to take on the Hackers.

In the Toilet Bowl tourney Putt-4-Dough beat Drink and Tee-It-Up beat the frogs. They will now face each other for 2011 first pick.


Battle for Carl Cup Begins
Submitted on August 22, 2010, 10:04 pm by Jim Greenwell

Bye Weeks: Hackers, CHiP

Hol-E-1 vs. Drive-4-Show (winner gets Hackers). They split in the regular season. Drive-4-Show won at the Memorial and Hol-E-1 won in week 16 at the AT&T National when D4S had all 4 golfers miss the cut.

Hookers vs. Pin High (winner gets CHiP). The Hookers won the first match-up way back in week 1 at the Transitions Championship. The Hookers won again in week 7 at the Quail Hollow Championship despite Tiger missing the cut.

Toilet Bowl Tournament:

Putt-4-Dough vs. Drink (Drink was 2-0 against P4D)

Slippery Frogs vs. Tee-It Up (split 1-1 during year)


Hackers, CHiP Take Divisions
Submitted on August 16, 2010, 7:39 am by Jim Greenwell

The Regular Season has concluded and what a wild one we had.

First of all - how about the Hackers?!? The Hackers win the North Division and earn the number 2 seed in the post season tournament. The Hackers lost this week to CHiP but hung on to the division championship because Pin High lost as well.

CHiP needed a big win over the Hackers and a little help from the Hookers and got it. CHiP had the team skin in taking out the Hackers.

Hol-E-1 could not win the championship due to a lack luster performance against the Hookers.

And, how about Drive-4-Show - winning their last 3 games to garner the last playoff spot. D4S rode Zach Jonson (of all people) to victory this week.

In what would have been an important game if D4S had lost, Drink beat Tee-It-Up in a relatively ugly game. The two teams combined for 5 missed cuts. Unfortunately, for these two teams, they both did not make the playoffs.

And, speaking of teams not making the playoffs, Putt-4-Dough beat the Frogs in the only truly unimportant game of the weekend.

The Playoffs should be fun. Here is the seeding:

1. CHiP
2. Hackers
3. Hol-E-1
4. Hookers
5. Pin High
6. Drive-4-Show

The Toilet Bowl tournament is seeded like this:

1. Drink
2. Tee-It-Up
3. Slipper Frogs
4. Putt-4-Dough

Remember, we are off this week - the playoffs start in 2 weeks.


One Week to Go!
Submitted on August 9, 2010, 10:04 pm by Jim Greenwell

Sorry about the late post. I was out of town and had NO internet activity. All is now updated.

Huge games with all kinds of playoff and division winning implications on the line last week. Lets recap.

Look at Drive-4-Show go! With the win over Drink, D4S has catapulted into the last playoff spot (for now). D4S just got a good steady week and Drink was hurt by Villegas poor outing.

Speaking of poor outings. The Hookers got hammered by their own golfers. Tiger played like, well Farrar, and Westwood takes a powder - giving CHiP a very easy win. This eliminates the Hookers chance at winning the division.

Just when you thought the Hackers couldn't pull it out, they pull off a very hard fought 4 stroke win and maintain their lead in the North.

Hol-E-1 just might win the division and he can thank Robert Allenby for not showing up this week. A no show with a +24 on your opponents score card is nice. HE1 still only won by 2 strokes.

And, Pin High - they just cant seem to catch the Hackers. They beat the all-year-long-snake-bitten Frogs and keep pace.

Here are the scenarios for winning the divisions:


Hackers: Win or Pin High loses.
Pin High: Win and Hackers lose.


Hol-E-1: Win or CHiP loses.
CHiP: Win and Hol-E-1 loses.

Playoffs: Hackers, Pin High, Hol-E-1, CHiP and Hookers have all clinched playoff spot.

Last spot is up for grabs:

Drive-4-Show: Win (lose and they are out)
Drink: Win and D4S loses
Tee-It-Up: Win and D4S loses
(Drink and Tee-It-Up play each other - D4S has Pin High)

Frogs and Putt-4-Dough have clinched toilet bowl entries - sorry fellas...


Score update
Submitted on August 9, 2010, 9:04 am by Jim Greenwell

Jim is on vacation check back Monday night for updates Go Porkers


Wild AND Confusing
Submitted on August 1, 2010, 6:30 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, if you look at the standings - it is both wild and confusing.

In the North, we have only 1 team with a winning record.

In the South, 3 teams are now tied for first.

How about them Frogs? They have 2 miss the cut and then get a Mr. 59 out of Appleby to score a huge come from behind win over CHiP.

The Hackers regained their position at the top of the North with a big win over Pin High.

Drive-4-Show stays alive with an easy win over Tee-It-Up, who had 3 players miss the cut on one easy course.

Hol-E-1 took over (based on tie-breakers) in the South with a monster game slipping by Drink.

The Hookers stayed in the fight with a a win despite a no-show over Putt-4-Dough.


Hol-E-1, Hookers, Hackers and CHiP have clinched playoff spots.

Division Title Scenarios


Hol-E-1: Win out.
Hookers: Win out.
CHiP: Win twice, Hol-E-1 loses once


Hackers: Win out.
Pin High: Win once, Hackers lose once.

To make playoffs:

Pin High: Win out.
Tee-It-Up: Win out.
Drink: Win out.
Drive-4-Show: Win out. Tee-It-Up loses once. Frogs lose once or if tied with Frogs gets stroke advantage.
Slippery Frogs: Win out. Keep stroke advantage on Drive-4-Show. Get a stroke advantage over the team ends up in 3rd in the North as long as they have 12 losses.


Getting Interesting
Submitted on July 25, 2010, 8:02 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, with only 3 weeks to go, things have gotten suddenly interesting. There are now 7 teams with a shot at the division title with 3 weeks to go.

First, Hol-E-1 took out CHiP which was coupled with the Hookers come from behind lucky win against the Frogs. There is now only 1 game between all 3 teams.

In the North, the Hackers dropped a 4th in a row to Drink and Tee-It-Up won by only 1 stroke over Pin High. PH lost despite going -16 (3rd best score of the week). There is now only 1 game separating these 4 teams.

In the other game, Putt-4-Dough beat Drive-4-Show keeping their slim playoff hopes alive and seriously damaging Drive-4-Shows chances.

Here are the scenarios:


Pin High: win last 3
Hackers win last 3 (yes Hackers and Pin High play this week - that is a big one)
Tee-It-Up: win last 3, Pin High loses 2
Drink: win last 3, Pin High loses 2, Hackers lose 1


CHiP: win last 3
Hol-E-1: win last 3, CHiP loses 1 division game
Hookers: Win last 3 (yes, Hookers actually control their own destiny)

Frogs, Drive-4-Show and Putt-4-Dough all have mathematical chances at getting into playoff but can't lose again.


4 Weeks to Go
Submitted on July 20, 2010, 11:06 am by Jim Greenwell

No article on the Open Championship - sorry about that. But, in preparation for the last 4 weeks, below are the scenarios for teams to win their respective division championships. There are, of course, a thousand permutations that could work, but below is the easiest.

We have a lot of separation from the top and the bottom this year. CHiP has already clinched a playoff spot and the Hookers and Hol-E-1 are close (as are the Hackers and Pin High). But, nothing is guaranteed.

Here they are:


Pin High: win the next 4
Hackers: win next 4, Pin High loses 1
Tee-It-Up: win the next 4, Pin High loses 2 (1 of which must be a division loss), Hackers lose 2
Drink: win next 4, Pin High loses 3 division games, Hackers lose 3 (two in division) and Tee-It-Up loses 1 game


CHiP: win 3 games
Hol-E-1: win 3 games, CHiP loses 3 games
Hookers: win 3 games, CHiP loses 3 games, Hol-E-1 loses 1 game


CHiP has clinched play-off spot
All teams can still reach playoffs


Tee-It-Up Hammers Hookers
Submitted on July 12, 2010, 12:29 pm by Jim Greenwell

Tee-It-Up scored a -63. I don't know if that is a record, but has to be close. The Hookers had a -30 and LOST by 33 strokes. Wow! Tee-It-Up needed that game badly to keep their winning streak alive and stay in the playoff hunt.

CHiP got back to his winning ways with a win over Putt-4-Dough in a sad, sad, sad game. Both teams only had 1 player make the cut. Jones outplayes Howell and CHiP gest the win.

Drive-4-Show pounded the Hackers who had 3 players miss the cut.

Pin High got a nice week and beat Drink who had 2 miss the cut. Pin High has won 3 in a row and is now tied for first in the North.

Hol-E-1 had an easy go of it against a carry-over lineup from the Frogs.


Pin High Surges
Submitted on July 4, 2010, 9:16 pm by Jim Greenwell

Pin High had a big weekend, winning the team skin and taking down lead leaguing CHiP. Pin High has won two in a row and has surged to a 2 game lead on 2nd place in the North and only 1 game behind the Hackers. Pin High had all 4 players make the cut and easily won.

Drink lost to the Hookers in a tough battle. Drink only lost one at the cut but the Hookers lost none. The Hookers have taken over at the overall stroke leader in the league.

Tee-It-Up gets a huge game from Justin Rose and easily wins over a carry-over line-up from Putt-4-Dough. Tee-It-Up will take this win and count themselves lucky with 2 players missing the cut.

Vijay Singh finally makes a cut and leads Hol-E-1 to victory over Drive-4-Show. D4S had all 4 players miss the cut - brutal.

The Frogs win again - this time over the Hackers. The frogs are now only 1 game out of the playoffs. The Hackers continue to win, lose, win, lose, win, lose - but it is enough to remain in first.


Frogs Finally Win
Submitted on June 27, 2010, 10:31 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Slippery Frogs have finally won a game. After a grueling 10 game losing streak they beat Putt-4-Dough. The P4D carry-over line-up consisted of 4 no shows. The Frogs may have won anyway with a strong showing. Keep this in mind. If the Frogs (who still have one of the best teams in the league) can now WIN 10 in a row.... The Frogs are only two games out of a playoff spot with plenty of weeks to go. Of some note, P4D is now on a 5 game losing streak.

The Hackers and Hookers played to a tie, with the Hackers getting the tie-breaker. When the 2nd lowest score of the week is not good enough to win, that is a tough week.

CHiP continues to dominate with a 7 straight win and with one fewer gofer than Hol-E-1. Helps that Hol-E-1 had the standard bearer for last place.

Pin High beat Drive-4-Show to take over 2nd place in the North all alone. I wasn't necessarily pretty, winning by only 6 with 2 D4S missing the cut, but a win is a win.

Tee-It-Up finally wins again. The barely beat Drink with Drink also having two miss the cut.


Hackers Continue to Roll
Submitted on June 20, 2010, 10:09 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hackers avoided the -ernie els curse- and won and used Els to sweep the skins this week. It was an easy win with Tee-It-Up having 3 miss the cut.

CHiP continues their amazing win streak -6 in a row- by having a strong, if not spectacular outing this week. Putt-4-Dough lost this one when Crane missed the cut by 1 lousy stroke. Regardless, CHiP continues to dominate the South.

The Frogs lost again, with the 3rd best score of the week, to the Hookers. On Sunday morning the Frogs held a 12 stroke lead. On Sunday, the Hookers were 1 over compared to 19 over by the Frogs. Can the Frogs get any unluckier?

Drink held on for a big, big win over Drive-4-Show and snapping their long winning streak.

Hol-E-1 keeps pace with a win over Pin High who only had two golfers make the cut.


CHiP Stays Hot
Submitted on June 13, 2010, 9:59 pm by Jim Greenwell

CHiP is on one serious roll. They have now won 5 in a row, won a best team skin and is trying to run away in the South Division. On the other side are the poor, poor Frogs. The Frogs had 1 WD and 3 missed cuts and gets hammered by CHiP losing their 9th in a row. CHiP now boasts the best record in the league as looks like a defending champion.

The Hookers pull out a big win and try to keep pace with CHiP, beating Hol-E-1 in a huge match this weekend. The winner got sole possession of 2nd place in the South and keep CHiP in sight.

Drive-4-Show is another hot team, winning a 4th in a row, climbing all the way out of the basement into 3rd place and in the playoff picture. This win was at the expense of Tee-It-Up, your new cellar dweller in the North.

Pin High continues to hang tough and had a monster win over the Hackers, closing the Hackers lead in the North. There is only a 1 game gap. The Hackers, after a quick start, have been up and down the last few weeks but still cling to the North Division lead.

In our one inter-division game, Drink upended Putt-4-Dough, sending them to a 3rd straight loss. P4D needs to right the ship and start winning again. Drink, meanwhile, is keeping pace with two timely wins in a row.


Hackers beat Frogs
Submitted on June 6, 2010, 9:01 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hackers got back on track with a 1 stroke win over the poor, poor, poor Frogs. The Frogs have now lost 8 in a row - this time, again, by only 1 stroke. Mickelson made a double bogey on the par 5 15th, which did not help matters. The Hackers again have a 2 game lead in the North.

CHiP is on one serious roll. The victim this week was Pin High. CHiP has now won 4 in a row and is all alone in first place in the South.

Drive-4-Show wins a 3rd one in a row - this one over Hol-E-1. Despite their 3rd straight win, they are still in the basement of the South. A couple of more wins may vault them to 2nd.

Drink found an easy one over the pitiful Hookers. The Hookers only had 2 make the cut and other than Van Pelt had nothing. Drink did not have a great week, but it was more than enough to handle the Hookers.

Tee-It-Up makes easy work of Putt-4-Dough. This one was over on Friday afternoon. Tee-It-Up wins both skins, which leaves on P4D and the Hookers to not win a skin this year.


CHiP on a roll
Submitted on May 30, 2010, 7:33 pm by Jim Greenwell

CHiP is officially on a hot streak. They just won a 3rd straight match, crushed Tee-It-Up by going a whopping 47 under par - that is crazy low. CHiP remains in a first place tie with two other teams. Tee-It-Up takes a 2nd tough loss in a row and is dropping quick in the standings.

Drive-4-Show had an impressive tournament while destroying the Hackers. D4S needs a few wins and taking out the league-leading Hackers always helps. The Hackers remain in 1st place in the North despite the loss.

Pin High gets one of the whoops wins, winning with only two players making the cut over Drink.

The Hookers had all 4 make the cut and make quick work of Putt-4-Dough. The Hookers win kept them in a tie in the South.

Hol-E-1 wins another one and at the expense of the Frogs. The Frogs have lost an amazing 7th in a row after Michelson misses the cut at Colonial. Frogs were not helped by one player making the cut finished last.


Hackers win close one
Submitted on May 23, 2010, 10:49 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hackers maintain their 2 game lead with a tie-breaker win against Drink. Drink had 2 players double bogey 18 on Sunday. The Hackers won even though they had a player finish last in the tournament. The Hackers are, at this point, clearly the team to beat.

Pin High was the only team to have all 4 players make the cut. As a result, they easily beat Tee-It-Up and won the team skin.

The Frogs continue to slide and may still be suffering from some volcanic ash in the lungs as they have hacked up 6 straight losses after a very hot 4-0 start. The Frogs still have the 2nd best stroke count in the league and are a very dangerous team.

CHiP hammered the Hookers with only 2 players. The Hookers had 3 miss the cut (2 of them by only 1 stroke). CHiP's win, coupled with a Hol-E-1 loss has created a 3 way tie at the top of the South division.

Speaking of Hol-E-1, they lost to Putt-4-Dough in a two on two contest.


Frog Gigging...
Submitted on May 16, 2010, 10:25 pm by Jim Greenwell

What has happened to the Frogs?

From a commanding 4-0 start to losing a 5th straight game. This week was made even worse by 3 no shows and a missed cut. Tee-It-Up was the recipient this week and they have climbed into 2nd place in the North despite a 4-5 record.

The Frogs must find a way to right this ship before to much damage is done.

The Hookers have now won 3 in a row and have climbed into a tie for the lead in the South. The Hookers beat Drive-4-Show despite D4S having Adam Scott and winning the best players skin. The Hookers won because all the other D4S players missed the cut.

The Hackers continue to flex their muscle winning a huge game over Hol-E-1 and taking a 2 game lead over the rest of the North Division.

CHiP got a huge win, hanging on to defeat Drink. CHiP has climbed back over .500 and should be a force to deal with the rest of the year.

Putt-4-Dough continued to pile on Pin High and their pain that is the 2010 season. Pin High can't seem to get over the hump and had 3 players miss the cut. P4D is on a mini-roll with 2 straight wins.


Hol-E-1 Wins 4th in a Row
Submitted on May 9, 2010, 10:10 pm by Jim Greenwell

Hol-E-1 now has the best record in the league with a big win over the Frogs. The Frogs have lost 4 in a row despite being the best scoring team in the league.

Drive-4-Show wins a 2nd in a row at the expense of the Hackers.

Pin High beats Drink, tightening up the race in the North.

Futility award goes to Tee-It-up and CHiP who had ALL 4 golfers miss the cut, giving easy wins to the Hookers and Putt-4-Dough, respectively.


Hackers Remain on Top
Submitted on May 2, 2010, 9:41 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hackers continue to reign at the top of the North Division. The Hackers had a very solid week having 3 players make the cut and all three going under par. Which, was enough to outlast Putt-4-Dough. P4D was undone by Duval's 76 on Friday, missing the cut.

Hol-E-1 continues to have a charmed season. For the second week in a row, they win with only 2 golfers making the cut and the opponent having 3 make the cut. This week's victim was Tee-It-Up - and it gets worse - this game ended in a tie on strokes, but Hol-E-1 gets the win on the tie breaker. Tee-It-Up's 3 golfers shot 16 over par on Sunday to HE1's 5 under - wow!

On the other side of this is the Frogs. The Frogs lost again, with Mickelson finishing second. They lost to Drink, who has now won 3 in a row and is in 2nd place, alone, in the North.

Drive-4-Show finally wins a game by beating CHiP. D4S had 3 make the cut to CHiP's 2, making the difference.

The Hookers could have only beaten one team this week. And, lucky for the Hookers, they played them - Pin High. Not only did Pin High lose to the Hookers with Woods missing the cut, but they also had McIlory on the bench. Mark this one down as one the Hookers didn't deserve.


Hol-E-1 Climbs to Top
Submitted on April 25, 2010, 9:16 pm by Jim Greenwell

Hol-E-1 has won two in a row and finds themselves atop the South division. This week's win was at the expense of the Hookers. Hol-E-1 won despite having only 2 golfers make the cut to the Hookers 3. The Hookers were +9 on Sunday, compared to HE1's -2 for a 1 shot win.

The Frogs won another skin, but the lost the game, thanks to Poulter's last minute withdrawal. They lost by two strokes to Putt-4-Dough. P4D needed that win badly in order to keep pace with the leaders.

Don't look now, but Pin High has won 3 in a row after a horrid start. They won best team skins this week in dispatching Drive-4-Show, who is still without a win.

The Hackers have lost 2 in a row after losing to CHiP thanks to a horrendous outing from Goggin and Marino. CHiP also had 2 miss the cut, but had a very nice weekend from Dufner slipped by the Hackers by only 5 strokes.

Drink is climbing up the standings too, with a 2nd straight win over Tee-It-Up. Drink got solid performance from 3 golfers, which was more than enough against only 2 golfers from TIU.


Drink Thumps Drive
Submitted on April 18, 2010, 10:08 pm by Jim Greenwell

Drink won both skins (by-the-way, we are 5 weeks in and 3 teams still hold the monopoly on skins money) and left Drive-4-Show still searching for a victory in 2010. D4S had 2 "no shows" and a dreaded "mdf" to Drinks 3 golfers under par - no contest.

The Frogs finally lost a game - and if you didn't know it, the Frogs ownership is stuck in Europe thanks to a volcano - so might Poulter be since he was a "no show" for the Frogs this week.

The Hackers finally lost too, but 2 lousy strokes. It all came down to the back nine as the Hackers were 3 over (thanks to Leishmans' +4 on the back) and Tee-It-Up was only 2 over on the back.

Putt-4-Dough lost another heart-breakers this week, this time to Hol-E-1. The game ended in a tie, but the tie-breakers gives the victory to HE1. P4D had a dreaded "mdf" that cost them the game.

CHiP took care of the Hookers, thanks is part to Garcia's awful 77 on Friday causing him to miss the cut. CHiP probably would have won anyway, with the week's second best score.

If you didn't see the end of the tournament - huge props to Brian Davis for calling that penalty on himself on the first playoff hole - now - that is character.


The Year of the Frog?
Submitted on April 11, 2010, 9:55 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Slippery Frogs are 4-0! Not only are they undefeated, they are swamping the league in skins won, winning 5 of 8 so far in 2010.

The Frogs just hammered Tee-It-Up having 3 of the top 4 golfers in the Master's - good grief!

Let us not forget the Hackers. They too are off to a 4-0 start and have won 2 of the 3 skins that the Frogs haven't won. The Hackers made easy work of a Tee-It-Up skin that had a "no show" and two missed cuts.

The Hookers improved to 3-1 with a nice showing from Lee Westwood as they slipped by Drive-4-Show.

Pin High got their first victory of the year at the expense of Putt-4-Dough. Pin High won despite having two miss the cut to P4D's one missed cut.

CHiP even their record to 2-2 with a hard fought win over Drink.


The Masters
Submitted on April 7, 2010, 10:32 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Masters is, by far, the greatest tournament - and that is saying something!

I love to watch this tournament.

Drive-4-Show and Pin High look for first win while Hackers and Frogs try to remain unbeaten in 4 unrelated games.

No live scoreboard this week.


Hackers and Frogs 3-0
Submitted on April 4, 2010, 7:52 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hackers and Frogs have jumped out to a 3-0 record.

The Hackers were 3-1 last year before disappearing, can they maintain the momentum keep winning?

The Frogs look terribly strong with Mickelson and Kim.

This week the Frogs creamed CHiP when Casey didn't show, Baird withdrew and Snedeker missed the cut - brutal. Meanwhile, the Frogs swept the skins.

The Hackers had second lowest team score on the week and punished Pin High who had two miss the cut.

Tee-It-Up improved to 2-1 with a big win over Drive-4-Show. Tee-It-Up wasn't great, but didn't need to be as D4S had 2 miss the cut.

Hol-E-1 dropped their first game of the season when Singh withdrew and Donald missed the cut and the remaining golfers did nothing special. Drink beat HE1 despite have 1 missed cut and 1 MDF.

The Hookers improved to 2-1 with another lucky win. This time at the expense of Putt-4-Dough. Both teams had two miss the cut. P4D was losing by 10 when Sunday's play started but built a 4 stroke lead before losing by 8.

Now, on to the Master Circus featuring a Tiger....


Week 2 Completed and News
Submitted on April 3, 2010, 11:15 am by Jim Greenwell


The Week 2 article is gone and lost forever, but all other data is restored.

Schedule, scores, skins, transactions - everything (as far as I can tell are back to normal).

Thanks everyone.


Week 1 Completed
Submitted on March 21, 2010, 11:22 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Slippery Frogs had a nice weekend and had 3 players under par as they won the best team skin. They beat defending champion Drink who has the best player skin despite the loss.

CHiP is off an running with a surprising outing from Goosen and beat D4S. D4S had a rough weekend with Maruyama suddenly didn't show and then Zach Johnson had one of these dreaded "MDF" cuts.

The Hackers had a great win and probably would have won no matter what P4D did, but P4D is apparently AWOL.

The Hookers were in very, very bad shape on Thursday afternoon but somehow beat Pin High thanks to a wild Friday afternoon.

Hol-E-1 had a "no show" from Vijay but held on to beat Tee-It-Up when TIU had 2 players miss the cut.


Draft Completed, Season Begins
Submitted on March 16, 2010, 9:59 am by Jim Greenwell

Successful draft. There is a game this week - submit your lineups.

You are allowed to do drop/adds this week.


2010 Draft Date
Submitted on January 28, 2010, 7:51 pm by Jim Greenwell

The 2010 draft has been set for March 15, 2010 at 7:00pm at Draft Central


CHiP is Champ
Submitted on September 13, 2009, 9:59 pm by Jim Greenwell

After long last, after 10+ years of struggle, after enduring hardship after hardship, after suffering the Hookers' wins and Putt-4-Dough's remarks, finally, after long last, CHiP is Champ!

The battle for the Carl Cup wasn't a classic and it didn't need to be. CHiP finally outlasted Drive-4-Show and easily won their first ever Carl Cup.

Congratulations to CHiP!


Battle for the Carl Cup
Submitted on September 9, 2009, 10:16 pm by Jim Greenwell

Should be a good one. Drive-4-Show takes on CHiP for the championship and the coveted Carl Cup trophy.

These teams are 1-1 against one another this week. Let us relive.

Week 6, the Verizon Heritage, CHiP gets a huge week out of Luke Donald and Briny Baird and routed D4S. Only one golfer managed to break par for D4S.

Week 22, the PGA championship, just a few short weeks ago. Talk about a route! CHiP had only 1 player make the cut and Drive-4-Show cruised to victory without even breaking a sweat.

What does this mean? I barn burner this weekend. No cut - best team wins - just as it should be. Good luck to both.


CHiP, Drive-4-Show Advance...
Submitted on September 7, 2009, 8:41 pm by Jim Greenwell

... again. The number 1 and 2 seed have been eliminated. CHiP and Drive-4-Show will battle for the Carl Cup.

The Drive-4-Show, Pin High matchup was truly a thing of beauty. Steve Striker birdies the last two holes to win the tournament and deliver a 1 stroke victory for D4S. What a game.

CHiP has no problems with the Hookers. The Hookers were bitten by the Ernie Els bug and just didn't get any help from anywhere else.

We will have a worthy champion this time next week.

The Hackers win 3 in a row and have won the Toilet Bowl tournament.


Submitted on September 4, 2009, 11:21 pm by Jim Greenwell

2 Great Semi-final matches - no matter who wins, we will see two good teams in the final.


CHiP, Drive-4-Show Advance
Submitted on August 30, 2009, 6:22 pm by Jim Greenwell

Championship Division:

Drive-4-Show beat Drink in a good game. Both teams had all 4 players make the cut. Neither team had stellar play, except for D4S's Stricker. Drink, just didn't have the guns to stay with D4S.

CHiP had Vijay miss the cut and not very good play from anyone else. But, Tee-It-Up had 2 players miss the cut and just could maintain.

This week, Pin High and the Hoookers re-enter the tournament taking on Drive-4-Show and CHiP.

Toilet Bowl Division:

The Hackers won (as they usually did this year when setting a line-up) and so did Putt-4-Dough. They play this week for the 2010 first pick.


The Playoffs
Submitted on August 26, 2009, 9:54 pm by Jim Greenwell

A long season finally hits the payoff - the playoffs!

While Pin High and the Hookers take another week off, there are some great match ups to discuss.

Championship Round:

3 vs. 6 - Drive-4-Show takes on Drink. Drive-4-Show has been arguably the best team in the league this year. Their reward? To play a tough as nails Drink team. Stricker should pull them through even if Yang can't reproduce any magic.

4 vs. 5 - Tee-It-Up takes on CHiP. CHiP has been doing very well the last half of the season and will take down Tee-It-Up. Ogilvy will be the only player to make the cut for TIU and CHiP cruises to victory.

Toilet Bowl Round:

The Hackers finally have 4 golfers playing. When they do that, they are 4-1 this year. Make it 5-1 as the take out Hol-E-1.

Putt-4-Dough makes easy work of the Slippery Frogs who seem to have disappeared - maybe in Japan for a really long time.


LINE-UP Problems
Submitted on August 25, 2009, 8:43 am by Jim Greenwell

SUBMIT A LINE-UP - I had an error in the code - it is now fixed. Everyone must re-submit a line-up. Sorry.


Pin High Wins North
Submitted on August 16, 2009, 7:54 pm by Jim Greenwell

It was a hard fought battle, but in the end Pin High finds a way to win 3 in a row to close the year and win the North Division championship.

Pin High barely hung on against the Hackers, Drive-4-Show just hammered CHiP and Tee-It-Up barely lost to Drink.

Drink's win gives them the last playoff spot when coupled with Hol-E-1's loss to Putt-4-Dough.

The Hookers handily beat the Frogs and won both skins.

Here are the playoff seeds. We are off this week and then the playoffs resume in two weeks.

1. Hookers
2. Pin High
3. Drive-4-Show
4. Tee-It-Up
5. CHiP
6. Drink

The Toilet Bowl Tourny:

1. Hackers
2. Putt-4-Doug
3. Slippery Frogs
4. Hol-E-1


Last Week
Submitted on August 12, 2009, 9:29 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, it is officially the end of the Regular season with a ton on the line. Here is how it breaks down.

In the North:

Pin High wins, they take the North.
Drive-4-Show needs to win with a Pin High loss.
Tee-It-Up needs to win and have both Pin High and Drive-4-Show lose.

Last Wild Card:

Hol-E-1 is in with a win or Drink loss.
Drink needs to win and Hol-E-1 lose - then they get the wild card.

In the South:

Hookers have clinched division and CHiP has clinched playoff spot.

The number one seed will go to the Hookers if they win and are Pin High wins North. If Hookers win and either Drive-4-Show or Tee-It-Up wins the winner of the North gets the 1 seed.

So, how will it end? Here is the scoop.

The Hackers and Frogs have not yet set a line-up. Their carry-over line-up each has 3 players in the field. So, it isn't impossible for them to win.

Pin High plays said Hackers and will have a rough go. The Hackers' 3 players will make the cut. This will depend on Weir and McIlroy. Time for Rory McIlroy to dissapoint. The Hackers pull of the a stunning upset in week 22.

Drive-4-Show draws a match-up with the always tough CHiP team. CHiP is playing to prove they are the team to beat. Watson finally comes out of his shell, Garcia plays well and CHiP beats Drive-4-Show.

Tee-It-Up takes on Drink and wins, winning the North division. Why? Because it always seems to work out for Tee-It-Up, now doesn't it?

Hol-E-1 lays a ginormous egg against Putt-4-Dough and loses. However, with Drink's loss, they will back into the tournament.

The Hookers may have clinched, but not all is well in Hookersville. They look to beat the Frogs and right the ship. After a 10-1 start, the Hookers have lost 6 of the last 10 - not exactly entering the playoffs on a hot streak. Hookers beat the Frogs, but barely.


Nothing Changes
Submitted on August 9, 2009, 6:31 pm by Jim Greenwell

CHiP has closed the Hookers lead to one game. The Hookers have already clinched, but CHiP is by far the hotter team.

The big news this week is in the North. All 3 teams in a 3 way tie won to remain in that tie. In an odd fate of the schedule none of these 3 teams played each other this weekend and they will not play against one another in the final week.

Oh, and the other thing that doesn't seem to change is Tiger Woods. What a freak! An 8 iron from 182 over water to 5 inches? Ridiculous!

Hol-E-1 retook the lead over Drink in a battle for the last playoff spot.

Every game this week has playoff, championship and seeding ramifications but one (Hookers and Frogs).


Pin High Takes Over
Submitted on August 2, 2009, 6:28 pm by Jim Greenwell

Pin High takes over first place in the North via the tie-breaker. There is a 3 way tie with only two weeks to go - should be wild.

Drive-4-Show got smacked around easily with two missed cuts and with Perry returning home to be with his ailing mother. Pin High was more than good enough to win.

Tee-It-Up kept pace with a win over the Frogs thanks to the money earned tie-breaker. Letzig was outstanding for Tee-It-Up but needed a 5 foot bogey putton 18 to keep the score teid for Tee-It-Up.

Drink gets a monster win over the Hackers when the Hackers have 3 players miss the cut to go with Drinks' 3 missed cuts.

Hol-E-1 has to be ticked off. They have all 4 make the cut - the only team this week to do so - and still lose to the Hookers. The Hookers clinched the South Division.

CHiP made easy work of Putt-4-Dough. P4D seems to be reduced to depending on Duval and Austin. CHiP may not win the South, but their team keeps getting stronger.

North Division Championship Scenarios:

Pin High - Win out.
Drive-4-Show - Win out with won loss by Pin High.
Tee-It-Up - Win out with one loss each by D4S and Pin High.

Currently, Drink has the 6th playoff spot.


Week 20
Submitted on July 29, 2009, 10:34 pm by Jim Greenwell

Can you believe this is week 20?

Here are the scenarios for the playoffs:

5 teams have clinched a playoff spot: Drive-4-Show, Pin High, Tee-It-Up, Hookers and CHiP. 4 teams are playing for the last spot. The Hackers are out.


Drive-4-Show: Beat Pin High, Tee-It-Up loses or just wins out (lots of other scenarios)
Pin High: Win out
Tee-It-Up: Win out and Drive-4-Show loses twice and Pin High loses once.

Drink: Win out, Hol-E-1 loses 1 (other scenarios)


Hookers: One win or one loss by CHiP
CHiP: Win out and Hookers lose out.

Hol-E-1: Win out (other scenarios)
Frogs: Win out, Hol-E-1 loses out, Drink loses once (other scenarios)
Putt-4-Dough: Win out, Hol-E-1 loses out, Frogs lose once, Drink loses twice

This week:

Drive-4-Show and Pin High - huge, huge, huge. Pin High has monster pickup of Nathan Green and they pull off the big victory.

Tee-It-Up is pulling for Pin High and destroys the Frogs. Then, there will be a 3 way tie at the top.

Hackers are due a win and they get it this week over Drink.

CHiP won't lose to Putt-4-Dough. P4D has Duval - a sure fire problem, despite his fluke in the US Open.

This is a big hunch, but Hol-E-1 beats the Hookers. Woods is average, Crane misses cut and Calcavecchia loves Grand Blanc.


Things are very tight
Submitted on July 27, 2009, 10:21 pm by Jim Greenwell

The North is a mess. 3 teams within one game of the division lead. AND, Pin High and Drive-4-Show face each other this week. It doesn't get much better than that.

In the South, the Hookers finally won again and are 1 win away from clinching the division. Meanwhile, CHiP keeps applying all kinds of pressure.

Drive-4-Show lost despite a heroic -14 in round 4. This was just one of those good ones. Tee-It-Up won and got best team skin with only 3 players.

Pin High couldn't take advantage and they lost to Drink and had a terrible weekend play, withdrawals and missed cuts. Drink's win keeps them nipping at Hol-E-1 for the last playoff spot.

Hol-E-1 smacked around the Hackers and looked strong doing it.

CHiP handled (hammered) the semi-retired Frogs. What a tough year - a couple of bad breaks, and then lose the "A" player - not easy to overcome.

The Hookers beat Putt-4-Dough in a relatively boring matchup when Lonard missed the cut.


4 Weeks Left
Submitted on July 23, 2009, 7:45 am by Jim Greenwell

4 weeks to go and so much on the line.

No one has been eliminated from the playoffs and there are still 5 teams trying to win a division title.

This week we continue our trek of open championships. We have already played the US, then British (as they call it THE Open Championship) and now we travel to Canada for their Open championship. The tournament in Canada doesn't draw the field it once did, but is still a good tournament to watch. Should make for some good games this week.

Lets start in the North.

Drive-4-Show continues to roll. This week they have Tee-It-Up followed by Pin High (and they had the Hookers last week). It doesn't get much tougher than this 3 week stretch. They own the Hookers. Overall they are 5-1 against these 3 teams. So, if they win the next two weeks, write them the check.

D4S had to pick up two to compete - but they have Canada's second favorite in Ames and pull of the win over Tee-It-Up.

Pin High has to win to keep pace and make next week a huge win. they can't look past a dangerous Drink team. Pin High has Canada's chosen on in Weir who usually struggles under all of the attention. Not this week Weir - goes off - delivering a huge win for Pin High.

CHiP gets the carry-over line-up of the Frogs and wins easily as they continue their chase of the Hookers. They have trimmed the Hookers lead from 5 games to 2 and are desperate to get closer for their matchup that looms in week 21.

Speaking of the Hookers, they have needed a break and may have gotten one. The P4D line-up includes 2 no shows. Hookers should win.

Hol-E-1 looks to solidify their playoff position with a win over the Hackers. But, the Hackers are loaded this week and will win, making a mess out of the bottom of the standings in each division.


Now, That was a Bummer
Submitted on July 20, 2009, 12:05 am by Jim Greenwell

Tom Watson nearly shocked the world. I don't know how you couldn't have been pulling for him.

As for our league, things are getting interesting.

Drive-4-Show holds on to win as Goat-of-the-Week Tiger Woods misses the cut. The Hookers only lost by 6 despite Woods' missed cut. D4S has no missed cuts. D4S continues to lead in the North.

D4S' lead is still only one game because Pin High won despite having 3 players miss the cut - stupid game.

And Tee-It-Up has goat of the week number to in Goydos - who was 15 over on the weekend, costing them the game by 4 strokes to Hol-E-1.

CHiP was only 12 over and hammered Drink and have closed with two games of the Hookers.

The Hackers long losing streak is over, beating Putt-4-Dough and winning a skin.


The Open Championship
Submitted on July 15, 2009, 9:58 pm by Jim Greenwell

One of the coolest tournaments of the year is the back drop for Week 18 in our league. It is inter-league play again this week, and the last one of the year.

All of the attention is on the North as three teams battle for the division title. In the South, the Hookers hope to keep CHiP at a distance.

Man - is it hard to pick when all the stars are playing.

Drink vs. CHiP: Drink is 1 of 4 teams battling for the last playoff spot. Losses are not good. CHiP is chasing the Hookers. Just a hunch: Furyk outplays Singh and Drink gets a huge win.

Hackers vs. Putt-4-Dough: The Hackers are bound to win soon or later and what better time than this week. They have their Euros out in full force.

Tee-It-Up vs. Hol-E-1: TIU needs win to keep up with Pin High and D4S. Hol-E-1 needs win to keep fighting for playoffs. I have to go with Tee-It-Up just because I think Scott is struggling this year.

Pin High vs. Frogs: Pin High's strong line-up vs a week Frogs (sans Mickelson). Pin High gets big win.

Drive-4-Show vs. Hookers: Doesn't get much bigger than this. These teams combine to have the top 3 golfers on our stats page and 4 of the top 8. The Hookers keep thinking Casey will come around. He doesn't, again! D4S beats Hookers for 2nd time.


Pin High Rolls
Submitted on July 5, 2009, 11:49 pm by Jim Greenwell

Pin High had all 4 players make the cut and they steamrolled the field, not to mention poor Tee-It-Up. TIU now has 6 losses on the season, 3 of them to Pin High. Ouch.

Pin High kept pace with Drive-4-Show. These 3 teams in the North appear to be the team to beat.

What about the Hookers, you ask? Well, they keep winning, but no one is quite sure how. They cobbled together another win against Drink.

Putt-4-Dough had a lousy Sunday, with both golfers going 12 over as they lose by 13.

CHiP still has an outside shot at catching the Hookers for the Division title after beating Hol-E-1. HE1 was 5 over on Sunday and CHiP was 4 under to eek out a 3 shot victory.


Pin High vs. Tee-It-Up
Submitted on July 1, 2009, 10:25 pm by Jim Greenwell

They will play for the 3rd time already. Pin High has won both previous meetings. They need another one, badly. Drive-4-Show continue to look like the team to beat and has the Hackers this week. Pin High can not fall 2 games behind.

Pin High as this one and the D4S in two weeks. Other than that, they have an easy schedule the rest of the way. This week means everything to Pin High.

As for Tee-It-Up, they want to keep pace with D4S and have, essentially, the same schedule as Pin High the rest of the way.

D4S has by far the hardest road remaining of the 3.

Record of teams remaining on schedule:
D4S : 50-46
TIU : 44-52
PH : 43-53

In the South, the Hookers are reeling. They have Drink this week and the tough D4S next week before finishing with 4 straight in the division. The Hookers are only 4-4 against the North.

This weeks games:

Drive-4-Show sends the Hackers to their 13th straight loss.

Pin High beats Tee-It-Up despite Love missing the cut. Mahan wins the tournament and another skin for Pin High.

CHiP needs this one, if they want to catch the Hookers they can't afford to lose to Hol-E-1. Hol-E-1 needs a win to climb back into the playoffs. Hol-E-1 finally gets a big win.

Putt-4-Dough wins one and sends the Frogs packing for the Toilet Bowl tournament.

Hookers finally get back on track and beat Drink. They have to. If they can't win with Woods at Woods' tournament - well, that would be bad.


North Dominates
Submitted on June 29, 2009, 8:33 am by Jim Greenwell

The North dominated the South this past weekend. The only win from the South was a very lucky win over the Hackers.

Short article - must go to work....

The Hookers have lost the #1 overall seed.

CHiP failed to make up more ground on Hookers by losing too.

Pin High continues to dominate the skins. They have won 25% of all skins.

Drink is now in the playoff picture. If it were today, they would go over Hol-E-1.

Hookers, Drive-4-Show and Tee-It-Up can all clinch playoff spots this weekend.


Tee-It-Up's Turn
Submitted on June 24, 2009, 9:57 pm by Jim Greenwell

This week it is Tee-It-Up's turn to play the Hookers. The Hookers are on a slide and had to pick up 3 players just to field a line-up this week.

The Hookers need to win to keep a comfortable lead in the South and to keep up front in the battle for a number 1 over all seed.

After, yet another, non shocker of a great showing by Mickelson only to see another collapse - here is another non shocker - guaranteed picks that never seem to pan out:

Tee-It-Up is simply too good to lose to a team that has to pick up 3 players to field a team. TIU hammers away at the suddenly vulnerable Hoookers.

Drive-4-Show is salivating over the prospects of playing Putt-4-Dough. This is one is a laugher - never even close. D4S wins by 60+ strokes.

The Hackers and Frogs square off as the two bottom feeders. The loser might as well start preparing for the Toilet Bowl tournament. The winner still has a shot at the playoffs.

Another intriguing match-up is the CHiP and Pin High. Both teams are desperately trying to keep up with or catch their respective division leaders. I'm a believer in the Major Curse. Mahan misses the cut and CHiP win, applying more heat to the Hookers.

At the moment, Hol-E-1 has a loose grip on the last playoff spot. Drink can take it away from them with a win this week. This game looms large in all tie-breaker scenarios. Each team needs a win badly. Drink wins, just because things will be more interesting if they did.


Tightening Up
Submitted on June 22, 2009, 10:57 pm by Jim Greenwell

Things are suddenly getting tight all over.

What once looked like an insurmountable lead by the Hookers is now within reach. In the North, it is even crazier. Drive-4-Show, Pin High and Tee-It-Up keep pin balling around for the lead. There is currently a two way tie and Pin High is only one game out.

Pin High wins another skin - and needed it. The Hackers had the 2nd best score of the week and still lost to Pin High.

Drive-4-Show beat the Hookers when Els and Casey missed the cut. Hookers' ownership was over heard talking about a possible "ernie else curse".

CHiP held on to beat the Frogs. The Frogs, snake bitten again as Sabatini, goat-of-the-week, bogeys 18 and misses the cut by 1 stroke, costing the Frogs a chance at beating CHiP.

Hol-E-1 has player of the week Glover and makes easy work of Putt-4-Dough. P4D had 3 players miss the cut.

Tee-It-Up makes relatively easy work of Drink when Drink has two players miss the cut.


Drive-4-Show vs. Hookers
Submitted on June 17, 2009, 8:30 pm by Jim Greenwell

The two division leaders will tangle at the US Open. AND, it gets better. For all those teams chasing D4S and the Hookers, they play each other again in 4 weeks at the British Open. In fact, the Hookers start a 4 game out of division streak and will be playing a very tough schedule. Besides D4S twice, they get Tee-It-Up and Drink.

The next 4 weeks will be critical for teams to catch the Hookers. Meanwhile, D4S is in a dog fight and needs to win to stay out in front of Hol-E-1, Pin High and a resurgent Drink.

This week's US Open guesses:

D4S and the Hookers have lost their last game. They have all the "A" players going and with Hookers pickup of Casey, they look loaded. However, Els is a wild card and Villegas hasn't shown it at a major yet. This one depends on Els. I say he missed the cut and D4S takes it.

The Hackers are due - big time. I say they upset Pin High this week, just because that is the kind of year Pin High is having.

CHiP plays the Frogs and the emotional Mickelson. I predict that Phil just isn't right with the news on his wife and can't make a run. CHiP gets another big one from Vijay and wins this one.

The Tee-It-Up and Drink match-up is interesting. I still can't figure out how Drink has so many losses with that line-up. I bet they can't either. Drink wins their 4th in a row this week.

Hol-E-1 and Putt-4-Dough battle to stay in the playoff hunt. The issue is that Adam Scott has been a disaster for Hol-E-1 this year and it continues this week. P4D is now on an official tear by winning their 3rd in a row.


Gap closes a little
Submitted on June 14, 2009, 11:00 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hookers have now lost 2 of 3 with a very daunting 4 weeks coming up and Drive-4-Show finally lost. Things are very tight in the North and CHiP is now within shouting distance in the South.

Drink has now won 3 in a row and beat a very hot Drive-4-Show. Drink won by only 6 shots despite having 1 more golfer over the weekend. D4S still looks very formidable. Drink is on the rise - look out.

Tee-It-Up smacked around the Hackers as most of the "euro-trash" was using Memphis as a US Open warm-up and were not concerned with making the cut, which they didn't.

The poor Frogs got hammered win Mickelson just couldn't put it together and Brian Gay (golfer-of-the-week) goes off for Pin High. Pin High continues to dominate the skins with another one this week.

CHiP got a solid performance from his team and easily handles Hol-E-1. With 8 weeks to go, CHiP is now 4 games behind the Hookers and a great opportunity to make up more ground over the next 4 weeks.

The Hookers finally had a little bad luck, with the 3rd best score, yet still loses to a surging Putt-4-Dough team. The Hookers were killed by Romero, this week's goat-of-the-week, missing the cut by only 1 stroke.


Week 14
Submitted on June 11, 2009, 8:39 am by Jim Greenwell

Dosn't seem possible that we are already to week 14 of the regular season. It appears the Hookers have a lock on the South (although, you never know), but the race for the title in the North should be a wild one.

Besides the race for division winners, the 2nd place money will be interesting, not to mention the fight for playoff spots. Everyone but the Hackers are but one game out of a playoff spot. The Hackers aren't out of it, but they need to turn that losing streak around.

This weeks lame guesses:

The big game of the week is between Hol-E-1 and CHiP. The winner sets themselves ahead of the pack and will probably be the last team able to make a run at the Hookers. The loser finds themselves slipping back towards the Toilet Bowl area. CHiP should win this one, but Garcia has been as unpredictable as Vijay. Still, going with CHiP in a close one.

Drive-4-Show takes their 7 game winning streak against a resurgent Drink. This is a hunch play, but Drink isn't as bad as the record indicates and D4S is bound to lose sometime - why not now. Drink in an upset.

Hackers will shock the world and take out Tee-It-Up this week. It is a lock - take it to the bank.

What to do with Pin High and the Frogs. How will Phil respond? It just isn't clear. Both teams need this badly. The two unluckiest teams in the league battle it out. I saw that the Frogs prove to be the most unlucky when they lose this one.

Putt-4-Dough can do themselves and every one else a favor by beating the Hookers this week. The Hookers continue to live on marginally good play and poor outings by opponents. P4D is due for a good outing, plus they have been improving over the last 3 weeks. P4D in a stunner over the Hookers.


Hookers' Big Day
Submitted on June 7, 2009, 9:07 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hookers recovered from their loss last week by hammering the Frogs. The Hookers was the only team under par and won a by a whopping 74 shots. Not only that, the Hookers swept both skins behind player-of-the-week Tiger Woods. If that wasn't enough, this week's skin was a carry-over, giving the Hookers three skins this week. The new stand 5 games clear of the nearest pursuer in the South.

In other games:

Drive-4-Show continues to impress after winning their 7th in a row. They now stand alone atop the North. The squeaked by Pin High after Davis missed the cut for PH. D4S was the only team besides the Hookers to have all 4 golfers make the cut.

Drink held on for a win over the Hackers despite to missed cuts. Jim Furyk's monster 11 under sealed the deal for Drink.

Hol-E-1 beat Tee-It-Up by 2 strokes even though they had 1 more golfer makethe cut. This week's goat-of-the-week has to be Sean O'Hair who withdrew after 1 round, dooming Tee-It-Up.

Putt-4-Dough got one of their favorite victories of the year, beat CHiP. The Vijay saga appears to not be over. Will Vijay ever fully get his form back? Vijay missed the cut along with Baddeley to destory CHiP's chances.


Drive-4-Show vs. Pin High
Submitted on June 3, 2009, 11:20 pm by Jim Greenwell

D4S puts their 6 game winning streak on the line against Pin High.

We have some good games in a big tournament, just as it should be - all of the stars are out.

My very tired guesses:

D4S becomes the official "team to beat" by winning a 7th in a row with a true hammer job over Pin High. People may start to notice D4S later this weekend.

The Hackers will win, finally. After dropping 8 in a row, the Hackers will beat Drink and put themselves back in the playoff hunt.

Tee-It-Up hopes to keep up with D4S with a big game against Hol-E-1. TIU just seems to have the better players - should be a close one.

CHiP and the Vijay machine are on a roll. This week's victim is Putt-4-Dough. CHiP wins this one easily.

How about the Frogs - winners of two in a row without Phil. This week they get the Hookers. The Hookers proved they were vulnerable last week. The Frogs make a statement by winning this game.


Drive-4-Show Goes Nuts
Submitted on May 31, 2009, 6:37 pm by Jim Greenwell

While everyone has been paying attention to the Hookers, D4S has torn off 6 wins in a row and has claimed top spot in the North. D4S also won this week's skin - all behind player-of-the-week Steve Stricker. P4D had everything go bad with Campbell withdrawing and Duke missing the modified Saturday cut.

In other games:

The Frogs have now won 2 in a row with Lefty on the shelf. The Frogs, if I know them, won't let up. They are back in the hunt.

The Hookers 7 game winning streak ended against a heavily favored Tee-It-Up team. The Hookers' smoke and mirrors tour appears to be over.

CHiP now has a red hot Vijay on his roster (as the swami predicted) and could be on his way to a very nice 2nd half run. Pin High had all 4 make the cut, but nothing but poor scores on Sunday doomed them.

Hol-E-1 is back in the "unlucky" club when goat-of-the-week Tim Clark bogeys 2 of the last holes (including the last hole) which cost himself the tournament and Hol-E-1 a skin and a win. Drink climbs out of the cellar in the North - look out!


Tee-It-Up vs Hookers
Submitted on May 27, 2009, 8:54 pm by Jim Greenwell

Tee-It-Up was once alone in the lead in the North, but has dropped two in a row. They face the red hot Hookers who have won 7 in a row. Tee-It-Up needs to win to keep pace with the North leaders and wants desperately to beat the Hookers.

There are important games this week. No team is more than 2 games out of a playoff spot. We are half way done. Time to get serious.

Good guesses coming up. After a stellar 4-1 week last week, but not the guaranteed 5-0, these guesses are sure to go at least 4-1 again.

Tee-It-Up will just hammer the Hookers. The Hookers are due a really bad outing and are going against Ogilvy, O'Hair, Rose and Verplank with Klauk?, Estes?, Wilson? and Crane. No way. If the Hookers win this one, they might start believing the hype.

Pin High trots out an all star line-up to take on CHiP. After last week's win, CHiP has his swerve on again and has Vijay in the line-up. Something tells me something goes wild for Vijay this week. CHiP in a mild upset.

The Bullit County Bowl (or Mullet Bowl) or (CDE Bowl) commences this weekend. Putt-4-Dough whips out the Duke weapon and finds a way to beat Drive-4-Show in a big upset, ending the D4S 5 game winning streak.

Drink takes on a truly hacked off Hol-E-1 team after all 4 players missed the cut, costing them a chance at the Hookers. Both teams have solid line-ups and the up and down Hol-E-1 team is ready for an up - A very close win over Drink.

The Frogs and the Hackers. What more can be said. How badly can things go for the Frogs? What about the Hackers - losers of 8 in a row. The winner of this game keeps very close tabs on a playoff spot. The loser starts planning Toilet Bowl tourney strategies.


How is that possible?!?
Submitted on May 24, 2009, 6:25 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Frogs, with only 1 player making the cut and a "no show" with Mickelson - won! They won with one golfer against Putt-4-Dough who had two golfers make the cut. Wow!

The Frogs had a huge, huge weekend and Sunday from player-of-the-week Rory Sabbatini to catch and defeat P4D. That is crazy!

The game actually ended in a tie. I'm assuming Sabbatini's earnings will be more than enought to offset the other 2. I'll double check later.

In other games:

Drive-4-Show had a nice week with only one missed cut and easily handled the Hackers to win their 5th game in a row and to tie for first in the North.

Pin High, for the second time in 3 weeks has defeated Tee-It-Up. They got superb play from Brian Davis who is starting to look like the sleeper of the year.

CHiP used Singh and destroyed Drink and won best team skin as well. All 4 players made the cut and shot 7 under or better.

The Hookers improved to 10-1 after Hol-E-1 had all 4 players miss the cut. After that, the Hookers only need one player to finish the round on Saturday.


Phil Mickelson
Submitted on May 20, 2009, 8:54 pm by Jim Greenwell

Everyone - if you haven't heard the news, Phil Mickelson's wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has suspended his tour schedule "indefinitely".

Obviously, everyone supports Phil and his family and all well wishes to a recovery and a speedy recovery at that.

On that fantasy front, it is just more bad luck for the Frogs. How bad can it get?

Here are this weeks locks - right them down - I'm guaranteeing a 5-0 week.

First, Putt-4-Dough will beat the Frogs. The Frogs mouthed off earlier in the week, lose Mickelson and now the game.

Second, Drive-4-Show will beat the Hackers. D4S continues a very strong winning streak.

Third, Pin High beats Tee-It-Up (didn't these guys just play). TIU suffers while Cejka is still busy hacking up a fur ball this week too.

Fourth, Hol-E-1 beats the Hookers. The Hookers have two tour rookies in the line-up. No way that beats a line-up headed up by the talented Adam Scott.

Fifth, CHiP wins because he is playing Vijay this week. CHiP will win even if it only serves to confuse CHiP further over whether to play Vijay or not. Poor Drink just gets caught in the cross fire.


Drive-4-Show Rolling
Submitted on May 17, 2009, 10:48 pm by Jim Greenwell

No one is paying any attention, but Drive-4-Show has very quietly torn off 4 straight wins and is now only 1 game off the lead in the North.

D4S has a monster weekend from player-of-the-week Zach Johnson who was 10 under on Saturday alone. Tee-It-Up, who could have taken a nice 2 game lead, was hurt by goat-of-the-week Cejka. Cejka who collapsed at the Players collapsed on Thurs and Friday, hacking it around and was never anywhere near the cutline.

In other games: Drink had all 4 golfers at -7 or better and just hammered away at Pin High who lost 1 player to the cut.

The Hackers refusal to submit a line-up cost them this time. Putt-4-Dough was the only team over par that submitted a line-up. P4D won by only 24 despite a no show lineup from the Hackers.

CHiP and Hookers were tied going into the 4th round. CHiP show +4 and the Hookers -11 on Sunday. The Hookers now have a 6 game winning streak.

Hol-E-1 found a way to survive agains the Frogs as the Frogs lost Chopra to the cut by only 1 stroke. Better things just have to be ahead for the Frogs.


Week 10
Submitted on May 14, 2009, 6:33 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, Thursday's round is almost over, so no lame guesses this week.

Instead - some absolutes:

o Everyone wants the Hookers to lose to CHiP.
o P4D will beat Hackers - why does he submit a line-up of people not playing?
o Someone will be unlucky in the Hol-E-1 vs. Frogs game.
o Pin High wants to beat Drink badly.
o Drive-4-Show can make things real interesting in the North by beating TIU.

Lets see what happens.


Hookers win 5th in a row
Submitted on May 10, 2009, 7:07 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hookers continue good play coupled with a little luck to extend their winning streak to 5 games.

The Hackers came out swinging and looked like an easy winner after Thursday's play. But things went poorly after that, and coupled with goat-of-the-week McDowell having a bad Saturday and missing that crazy 2nd cut that the PGA uses now, doomed the Hackers. The Hackers do have a first - they have the goat-of-the-week and player-of-the-week. Stenson gets player-of-the-week despite a losing team effort - his play was just too good to ignore.

In other games:

Tee-It-Up takes over first place in the North with a very close win over CHiP. Both teams only had 1 player miss the cut. But John Merrick's poor play over the weekend doomed CHiP.

Drink finally wins another game and is hopeful is starts a long winning steak. They had all 4 players make the cut and win the team skin. P4D lost two to the cut and then Weekley withdrew after 3 rounds.

Poor Pin High. The Mr. Hyde of the Jekyll and Hyde of this team came out again this weekend. They had 2 missed cuts, one withdraw and one "mdf", which is a miss of the weird 2nd cut on Saturday. Hol-E-1 has now officially passed the mantle of unluckiest team to the Frogs.

Speaking of the Frogs, the lose a heart-breaker to Drive-4-Show. Despite having one few golfer on the weekend, they lost by only 10 strokes. D4S is now only 2 games out of first place.


CHiP takes on Tee-It-Up
Submitted on May 6, 2009, 10:25 pm by Jim Greenwell

CHiP looks to take out the Tee-It-Up and stay within three games of the Hookers. They will need to win as the Hookers appear to be on the verge of victory - thanks to a carry-over line-up from the Hackers.

Of course, Tee-It-Up always seems to respond when necessary. It should be a good match-up.

This week's lame guesses:

CHiP is desperate. Doesn't know what to do with Vijay and benched him this week. Maybe a smart move, but CHiP can't be as confident as he once was in games like this. Tee-It-Up wins because all 4 players make the cut.

Hol-E-1 and Pin High renew the LG&E Bowl. Big game for both and PH keeps trotting out Davis Love III. No way he makes two cuts in a row. Hol-E-1 gets a winning streak going with a big win.

Drink is ticked off and wants to win. Putt-4-Dough has rolled out the secret weapon - Ken Duke. This one will be close. P4D probably has the better 4, but Drink is due - big time. So Drink wins this one.

The Frogs and Drive-4-Show throw plenty of fire power at this one. Major stars in each foursome. Frogs win this one just because that is the way it goes.

Hookers will beat Hackers, if Hackers don't have a last minute line-up. Although, stranger things have happened. The Hookers could go 8 - 1 with a monster game with CHiP in Week 10.

*Update* - As soon as this story was submitted, a line-up was posted by Hackers. Hackers have a strong line-up and Hookers are due for a loss. Look for Pin High to celebrate a Hackers win.


Pin High back on top
Submitted on May 3, 2009, 9:16 pm by Jim Greenwell

Pin High, after a weak outing last week, won a huge game against Tee-It-Up. Despite Tee-It-Up throwing up the individual skin winner, Pin High won with all 4 players making the cut (the only team to do so). Tee-It-Up made it a game, but Pin High was too much this week.

In other games:

Drive-4-Show sweated out the collapse of Zach Johnson on Sunday and survived by only 1 stroke over the Hackers.

The Hookers won by only one stroke win goat-of-the-week David Toms didn't find a way to shoot even par. Tom's just couldn't match his early tournament success with the game on the line.

CHiP has to be wondering about Vijay now. There is now way this line-up, that CHiP paraded out should have had 3 missed cuts. As a result, they lost to Hol-E-1.

Putt-4-Dough got a huge win behind player-of-the-week Boo Weekley. Boo's big Sunday held off the Frogs' own big Sunday from Mickelson. It was the difference maker. Putt-4-Dough wins a close one.


Tee-It-Up vs. Pin High
Submitted on April 28, 2009, 9:21 pm by Jim Greenwell

Tee-It-Up tries to validate their 6 - 1 record against a good Pin High team that was last seen laying in tall grass licking his wounds from last week's thrashing.

Tee-It-Up would love nothing more than to shut the league up and pounce out to a 7 - 1 record and 2 game lead. Pin High, of course, will have something to say about that.

This week's guesses:

Pin High and Tee-It-Up have early line=ups and this tournament has brought out all the stars. The key this week is Davis Love. If he makes the cut, Pin High wins. That doesn't happen - Tee-It-Up wins a close one.

The Hookers try to extend to 7 - 1 too against the 1 - 6 Drink. Everything says, "pick the Hookers". Which is exactly why I'm picking Drink - something has to give and when something has to give, it usually does.

Drive-4-Show keeps pace with the top of the division with a big win over the Hackers. The Hackers, after a hot start, have cooled as of late. They will try to recapture the magic - but not this week.

Is CHiP looking ahead? Is this a trap game? CHiP as division leading Tee-It-UP and then Hookers in the next two weeks. Will they overlook the hard luck Hol-E-1 team? Here is saying they do. Hol-E-1 finally gets a win.

The Frogs and Putt-4-Dough face off in a crucial mid season match-up. The Frogs need a division win and P4D needs a win. This should be a good one, but Double-D will carry the day for the Slippery Frogs.


Missed Cuts Galore
Submitted on April 26, 2009, 6:09 pm by Jim Greenwell

Not counting the 6 "no shows", we had 18 the "submitted" 32 players miss the cut - that is some pretty lousy player picking.

4 players were added to rosters this week and started - all 4 missed the cut.

In what was supposed to be a monster game, the Pin High - Hookers game was a mess. 6 of 8 players missed the cut, including all 4 for Pin High.

Hol-E-1 improved to 6-1 thanks to the non submittal by P4D. They may regret this one at the end of the year - P4D could easily have had this one.

Drive-4-Show and CHiP were the only teams to have 3 players make the cut - sheesh.

Drive-4-Show made very quick work of Hol-E-1. Hol-E-1 will find that they once again played one of the best scoring teams of the week.

CHiP had no problem with a non showing eurotrash team of the Hackers.

The Frogs, however, were in a game - the only game with the same number of players making the cut. They had player-of-the-week Sabbatini deliver an important win over Drink and goat-of-the-week James Nitties who went 3 over on the last 3 holes to miss the cut by 2 strokes, costing Drink the game.

Look at the standing - who out there would trade for Tee-It-Up's schedule?


Pin High vs. Hookers
Submitted on April 22, 2009, 9:17 pm by Jim Greenwell

In a huge bout, two 5 - teams tussle for dominance in the league. Pin High looks to beat the Hookers after losing to the in Week 1.

In Week 1, these teams combined for a -62 score and lapped the field. This week they are pitted against one another in a lower rated tournament.

Meanwhile, Tee-It-Up is screaming, "what about me? I'm 5 - 1 too!" True enough and Tee-It-Up looks to keep on a roll against an up and down Putt-4-Dough team.

This week's wild guesses:

Pin High will absolutely destroy the Hookers - are you kidding me? Pettersson, Weir, O'Hern against Piercy, Marino and Crane. This will be a landslide.

Same is true for Tee-It-Up - they will hammer away at Putt-4-Dough. Justin Rose just may win this tournament.

Can Perry rebound from his Masters' failing and lead Drive-4-Show to victory? The answer is yes - Kenny is a tough old bird and will recover nicely to help D4S beat Hol-E-1.

A little birdie told me that the Eurotrash of the Hackers went on a binge tonight and will not be able to compete at all against CHiP. CHiP makes up ground on Hookers with monster win.

The Frogs are bound to beat Drink only because only 1 other South team was picked. The hard-luck Drink loses a tight one to the Frogs.


Pin High Rocks
Submitted on April 19, 2009, 6:23 pm by Jim Greenwell

Pin High has a monster week. They are now 5-1 and maintain their lead in the North, they win both skins and 2 carry-overs for a total of $20 in skins in one week - that is huge.

Pin High, behind player-of-the-week, Brian Gay, just hammered away at the Hackers.

CHiP was the only other team under par with a very nice outing from his team. Drive-4-Show wasn't terrible, but CHiP just kept the pressure on and never relented.

Tee-It-Up stays in a tie for the lead in the North after Drink fails to submit a line-up.

Putt-4-Dough wins a relatively close match but win after 2 from Hol-E-1 fails to make the cut.

The Hookers win the closest match of the week after the Frogs have goat-of-the-week Daniel Chopra shoots a 5 over on Friday to miss the cut.


Can you believe it?
Submitted on April 16, 2009, 3:05 pm by Jim Greenwell

We are already on week 6 and we have some big games this week.

Here are some random guesses:

CHiP is bound to win this week. Baddelly shoudl be the difference over a slumping Howell III. CHiP in a very close one.

Could it be the Hackers' year? Will see. If they beat Pin High this week. I say they do - in a tough battle, but wins on a birdy on 18 by Immelman.

Tee-It-UP gets lucky when Drink is stuck with roll-over line-up. Now, Drink is making their bad luck...

Putt-4-Dough simply hammers Hol-E-1. Boo Weekly is due - look for a monster week from Weekly.

The Hookers are due to lose, why not lose to the team with the lowest stroke count for the year - the Frogs.


Hookers Take Control
Submitted on April 12, 2009, 8:43 pm by Jim Greenwell

With only 5 weeks gone, the Hookers have vaulted to a two game lead in the South. Meanwhile, in the North there are still 3 teams within 1 game of the league lead.

As for the Masters, what a tournament. What started out so good will now be remembered as the tournament that no one wanted to win.

Mickelson: Hacked up a lung on 12, 15, 17
Woods: 17, 18
Furyk: Majorly on 9
Campbell: First playoff hole
Perry: 17, 18 and both playoff holes
Cabrerra, just simply hung on.

As for our games, we have the best player skin carry-over for the 2nd straight week - next week is worth $15 bucks.

Hol-E-1 scores a huge victory over the Frogs. Hol-E-1 played player-of-the-week Cabrerra and won despite have a more players miss the cut than the Frogs.

The Hookers beat CHiP thanks to goat-of-the-week Goosen missing the cut. If Vijay makes the line-up instead of Retief.....

Pin High remains in a tie in the North after making quick work of P4D, who had 3 players miss the cut.

Tee-It-Up stays tied with Pin High after outlasting the Hackers' Euro-trash line-up.

Drive-4-Show had 2 players miss the cut and still beat the luckless Drink team, who had 3 miss the cut.


The Masters
Submitted on April 9, 2009, 3:59 pm by Jim Greenwell

The tournament has started and so has our Week 5. Huge games this week.

Drive-4-Show and Drink both try to avoid 1-4. Drink is way better than 1-3. Drink wins in a landslide.

Hackers and Tee-It-Up play for first place in the division. Hackers are on a roll and the EuroTrash does it for them again.

Pin High keeps pace in the North by handling Putt-4-Dough with the 17 year old making the cut....

Hookers are a one man show and that isn't good enough in the Masters. CHiP, minus VJ, win a big one.

Hol-E-1 tries to climb out of the cellar with a huge win over the Frogs. But, it doesn't happen - Frogs' Jimenez does it again...


Hackers are 3 - 1
Submitted on April 5, 2009, 10:16 pm by Jim Greenwell

What a turn of events. The Hackers are using their Euro-trash line-up to thrash their opponents. I'm not the sure the Hackers have ever been 3 - 1. It is probably June before they win 3 in most years.

The Hackers also won this week's team skin as they pounded the Hookers, handing them their first loss.

Pin high is also 3-1 after a come from behind victory over Hol-E-1.

Another 3-1 team, Tee-It-Up just crushed CHiP who only had one player make the cut and that player came in last - wow!

Drink finally won thanks to a bizarre DNS line-up from Putt-4-Dough.

And, the only team from the South to win, the Frogs handled Drive-4-Show despite Mickelson's lousy play.


Week 4 Matchups
Submitted on April 1, 2009, 10:03 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Shell Houston Open provides the backdrop for one of the "between weeks" as we head from Arnold's tournament to the Masters.

(Note: Remember, you can leave your own predictions or notes in the "TalkTrash" link.)

Drive-4-Show and the Frogs need this win. The winner goes to .500 and the loser starts to lose some important ground early in the season. Frogs win this one, because Tiger isn't around - so, Phil can play well.

The Hackers have their Euro team agains the Hookers B team. The Hackers will improve to a stratosphere record, for them, 3 - 1.

CHiP wants this one bad and has rolled out the big guns. Two of the best line-ups in the game go at it. This one will come down to Vijay and Ogilvy on Sunday. Edge to Vijay as CHiP wins a very clse one.

Pin High trots out some new blood and these are the kind of tourneys these guys do well in. Pin High spanks Hol-E-1.

Drink needs a win and bad. They have been too good to keep losing. They win this week only because they are do. They handily beat Putt-4-Dough.


Hookers remain undefeated
Submitted on March 29, 2009, 10:49 pm by Jim Greenwell

The Hookers are a huge 3-0 and the only unbeaten team in the league. The Hookers were aided by 2 missed cuts and 1 no show by Hol-E-1. This essentially ended this match on Friday. Tiger Woods has to be this week's player-of-the-week.

Pin High had the 3rd best score after some solid golf from Mahan, Weir and Goggin. The held off Drive-4-Show when the lose 2 players to the cut.

What about Drink? The defending champ is 0-3 and could easily be 3-0. Their 3 losses have been by a total of 11 strokes - that is it. Meanwhile, the Hackers win puts them at 2-1. Drink had the goat-of-the-week in Jim Furyk, the ace, miss the cut by a full 3 strokes.

Putt-4-Dough finally wins and wins over the previously unbeaten CHiP. They were helped by 2 missing the cut for CHiP.

Tee-It-Up has a big win over the Frogs after some very good play form Rose, O'Hair and Verplank.


Week 3 Already
Submitted on March 25, 2009, 11:49 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, we are on week 3 and two teams may already be a little desperate. Drink, the defending champ, and Putt-4-Dough are still looking for their first win.

Will it come this week?

Drive-4-Show has the edge this week over Pin High. His III (Howell) should out play Pin High's III (Love).

Drink needs a win and gets the Hackers. But, the Hackers are loaded with them Euros again and the Hackers send Drink to 0-3.

CHiP will "will" this one and go 3-0 just to spite Putt-4-Dough and send them to 0-3.

The Hookers have Tiger, but nothing else. Is Tiger ready to carry the Hookers? I'm going with not yet. Hol-E-1 wins this one.


CHiP is Big Winner
Submitted on March 22, 2009, 10:59 pm by Jim Greenwell

CHiP equaled last year's skins total in week 2. With a huge effort form player-of-the-week Reteif Goosen, CHiP hung tough and beat a very good Frogs team.

Drive-4-Show had an easy time of it when 3 Tee-It-Up golfers failed to make the cut - pitiful.

Drink loses to Pin High when KJ Choi, this week's goat-of-the-week goes 2 over on the last 3 holes on Friday to miss the cut by 1. It helped that Pin High got a huge week out of Mathew Goggin in the win.

Putt-4-Dough loses a heart breaker by two strokes to the Hookers when Mark Wilson shoots a 3 under par on Sunday. This match was close all weekend.

Bunch of teams are now 1-1 in the North and CHiP and Hookers are only remaining unbeaten teams.


North should win a couple....
Submitted on March 18, 2009, 9:40 pm by Jim Greenwell

This week, a North team should be able to win a couple of games - they are playing each other....

Drive-4-Show is one of them, as they womp Tee-It-Up, who is playing a "Yang" - is that legal?

Drink's line-up looks like a masters leader board, while Pin High looks like Q School. So, I pick Pin High... I don't know why, just a hunch.

Hol-E-1 finds a way to beat the Hackers - oh Hackers? You out there?

The Frogs take on CHiP and continue their winning ways as JB show Wi how it is done.

The Hookers have to go with their B line-up and that isn't enough to beat Putt-4-Dough.


South Destroys North
Submitted on March 15, 2009, 11:07 pm by Jim Greenwell

4-1 was the South against the North.

And, another season begins....

Hol-E-1 got some huge games and overcame Adam Scott's over par weekend to edge Drive-4-Show.

In a ridiculous game - CHiP lost Baddeley to a DQ but won anyway - by one stroke - when this week's goat of the week, Henrik Stenson, shot a 10 OVER par on Sunday - alone - wow!

Tee-It-Up, the lone victor in the North hammered Putt-4-Dough - it was never close.

The Hookers got a big weekend out of a healing Woods and Villegas to hold off Pin High and their Irish stud, McIlroy.

The Frogs used player of the week Phil Mickelson to punish Drink.


Week 1 Under Way
Submitted on March 12, 2009, 4:56 pm by Jim Greenwell

Well, we are playing week 1 and what a big weekend. All the stars are out on a great course - a very good way to open a season as Dan tries to defend his title.

Not-so-lame guesses, nearly guarantees for this weekend's games:

Drive-4-Show vs. Hol-E-1: Kenny Perry is great on smaller courses and lesser fields, he doesn't carry the day in these types of tournaments. Hol-E-1 wins a close one.

Hackers vs. CHiP: Hackers pull off a win with a huge non-USA line-up. Better enjoy while he can, they won't often play in the states.

Tee-It-Up vs. Putt-4-Dough: Putt-4-Dough probably won't win 8 games with this roster (besides I'm jealous of where he is at the moment) and this won't be one of them. Tee-It-Up gets this win.

Pin High vs. Hookers: Tiger just isn't ready yet. Pin High wins with who may be the new stud - Anthony Kim.

Drink vs. Slippery Frogs: The defending champ get off to a lousy start, losing to the Frogs and the "mechanic".

As I understand it, there is no cut this weekend. Enjoy.


Draft is Over
Submitted on March 10, 2009, 8:50 am by Jim Greenwell

The 2009 Fantasy Golf draft is over and a good time was had by all (I think).

I hope everyone finds the new web site easy to use and error free. Feel free to send me improvement suggestions and always contact me with errors. Please keep in mind, I will move very cautiously to make any "enhancements" while we are mid season. I will be working on a live scoreboard over spring break. Maybe by the end of the season, we will have live scoring - but it is a challenge.


In the South, it has to be CHiP. If Vijay can rebound and do anything close to what he is capable of, CHiP will be very difficult to beat.

In the North, Pin High looks best. They were a little unlucky last year and had a relatively early draft pick. Some nice draft picks, plenty of depth - the team to beat.


Draft is Monday
Submitted on March 4, 2009, 10:15 pm by Jim Greenwell

The draft is set for Monday, March 9 at 7:00pm - be there!


Commissioner Message

On to week 6. The Masters was incredible.